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All of the Station 15 Volunteers have professional qualifications and are registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

The Volunteers also attend CME's or Continuing Medical Education seminars to keep abreast of latest changes in their respective fields.

To learn more about the qualifications, equipment and vehicles used by the Volunteers, click on one of the buttons above.

A volunteer AEA (intermediate life support) provides medical care to a patient trapped in a car wreck. Other EMS personnel stand-by as the patient is being freed by fire-fighters equipped with sophisticated hydraulic equipment especially designed for vehicle extrication. (The Jaws of Life)

A MVA (motor vehicle accident) on the highway. In this scene the Station 15 volunteer ambulance crews are assisted by fire engines (for incident protection) and by paramedics from Netcare 911.

A victim of a MVA is intubated (to protect his airway) and artificially resuscitated using a BVM (bag-valve mask) which is connected to medical oxygen. A volunteer maintains C-Spine control to prevent any further damage to the the spine.

A MVA on the highway.

The result of a high-speed MVA.
The pictures show the vehicle before and after the "cut out".


Audi TT

The result of a "T-Bone" collision into the side of a mini-bus at 60km/h.


The result of a "Head-On" collision with a highway street lamp at 120km/h.


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