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Medical Qualifications


Medical Qualifications


All new recruits (regardless of qualification) are given observer status. Observers ride third up on the vehicles, and provide invaluable support to the senior crew of the ambulance.

New recruits without any qualifications are required to complete an induction course, a CPR course as well as a first aid course.

Basic Ambulance Attendant (BAA)

This qualification is recognised by the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA). This is the minimum qualification to be a crew member of an ambulance.

Candidates complete a 160 hour course comprising of lectures and practical simulations. The lectures cover basic anatomy and physiology, basic life support, emergency care, the use of ambulance equipment and various medico-legal issues.

Ambulance Emergency Assistant (AEA)

This qualification is recognised by the HPCSA.

Candidates must have 1,000 hours of practical experience as a BAA and they must pass an entrance exam to be eligible for the course.

Candidates complete a 470 hour course comprising of 240 hours of lectures and practical simulations, and 230 hours of on-the-job training.

AEA's are qualified to practice various invasive techniques such as IV Therapy, Needle Cricothyroidotomy, Needle Thoracocentesis, Electro-cardiogram interpretation, manual external defibrillation and are allowed to administer various drugs.


This qualification is recognised by the HPCSA as a critical care assistant (CCA) or National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care (NDip-EMC).

Candidates must complete a 1,200 hour course to qualify as a CCA, or they must complete a 3-year (5-year part-time) National Diploma in Emergency Medical Care at the Wits or Durban Technikon.

Paramedics are qualified to practice a large array of invasive techniques, can perform cardio-version and are allowed to administer analgesics, sedatives and various other drugs.


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